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Episode 75 - Aubrey Sampson

When trials hit our lives, it can be hard to even believe that God is for us. How can we reconcile a good God with a life that seems bad? But even if we can believe, then what? How do we relate to a good God in the middle of painful circumstances? Aubrey Sampson found herself asking that when she found herself suffering from an autoimmune disorder, watching her young son undergo surgery and a difficult recovery, and grieving the sudden loss of a close family member. In the second part of our mini-series on lament, Aubrey shares with Davey some of the things that she writes about in her new book The Louder Song about what lament means and how it is vital to our lives today.

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Episode 56 - Tara-Leigh Cobble

When we go through trials in life, it can be easy to isolate ourselves. Sometimes misery doesn’t love company, and our instinct can be to face our pain on our own. When Tara-Leigh Cobble walked through a season of pain, she could have chosen to do just that. Instead, she shared her life with a community of believers, and they helped her walk through the loss of a family member, medical crises, and more. Tara-Leigh talks with Davey about connecting believers by leading the D-Group ministry, helping people engage with God’s word through the Bible Recap podcast, and more.

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Episode 38 - Lysa Terkeurst

It might be hard to find a Christian woman in America whose life hasn’t been changed by Lysa TerKeurst. Her organization, Proverbs 31 Ministries, is one of the largest Christian women’s ministries, and thousands upon thousands have been helped by her best-selling books and prolific speaking. But if you think this success translates to an easy life, you’d be wrong. She’s walked through health scares, a cancer diagnosis, her husband’s affair, and so much more. Lysa sits down with Davey to talk about walking with faith through unimaginable hardship.

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Episode 36 - Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel is undoubtedly one of the most influential voices in the American church today. He speaks to tens of thousands every week as the Senior Pastor of Life.Church, he’s written numerous books, and his resources are used by ministry leaders around the world. When his daughter was diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Craig found that a letter he had written to a grieving friend years ago was now ministering to him. That letter became his latest book, “Hope in the Dark,” Craig sits down with Davey to talk about how he’s walked through dark seasons personally, in his family, and in his ministry.

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Episode 32 - Matt & Whitney Wheeler

Matt and Whitney Wheeler have a story unlike any other. It started one night when they were both in college. Whitney was away with a group from the school when Matt got a call. There had been an accident on the way back. All but one student on the trip had been killed. That student, he was told, was not Whitney.

Today, several years later, Matt and Whitney sit down together with Davey to share their unbelievable story of tragedy and hope, a picture of God’s love through the church, and a testimony of death to life.

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