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Nothing is Wasted Ministries exists to help you navigate your trials, tragedies, and transitions and find purpose in your pain. We do this by providing content that inspires, community that encourages, and coaching that empowers you to walk through your valley well and come out on the other side equipped with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. No matter what life may throw at you, God does not waste an ounce of your pain, and we’d love to help you discover purpose in the midst of it. 



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Listen to the Nothing is Wasted Podcast where we have conversations with folks who are navigating valleys and emerging as over-comers.

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Read the blog for regular drips of wisdom from great people who have walked tough roads.

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Download Davey’s ebook Thriving in Trial and learn the common denominators of people who walk through pain well.

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Join our email list for updates on the release of Davey’s book Nothing is Wasted: A true story of hope, forgiveness, and finding purpose in pain along with updates on even more valuable content.

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Get the Pain to Purpose Video Course and learn step-by-step how to navigate your own personal trial, tragedy or transition.



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Join one of our Community Groups and engage with others who are navigating similar valleys. You can choose from over a dozen categories tailored to your specific situation. Grieving the loss of a spouse? Dealing with chronic pain? Chat with others who are walking through the same thing.



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Get one-on-one help walking your valley with our Nothing is Wasted Coaching packages. We believe the one-two punch of counseling and coaching is essential to helping you triumph in your trial. While counseling helps you with the “deep tissue” work of the soul, coaching will help you devise a clear plan for moving forward and thriving.