Davey and Kristi Blackburn are living a beautiful story of redemption and healing, forgiveness and hope. What the enemy meant to serve as roadblocks in each of their lives, God has shifted into opportunity — opportunity to serve, to love, to learn, to grow, and to impact others for eternity.

Serving the Indianapolis area alongside their two children, Natalia and Weston, Davey and Kristi strive to be beacons of God’s light and love, and showcase the power of His redemption to both their neighbors in Indianapolis and to individuals around the world. 



Kristi began attending the church Davey pastored, Resonate Church, in October of 2016. A few months later the two found themselves in a conversation where Kristi shared with Davey that her step-father not only lives in the same neighborhood Davey’s mission had been working with but also that he was one of the Marion county chaplains who regularly spoke with the three men that killed Amanda.

Davey knew this divine appointment was a God-given confirmation that the Lord was working intricately through this tragedy. Their conversation and, later, budding relationship urged both Davey and Kristi to stay the course with their kindled passion for inner-city youth.

As both Kristi and Davey processed their past pains alongside each other, the Lord provided opportunity for understanding and healing, both individually and as a couple. The duo complemented each other in a divine way as they healed from their pasts and reconciled with their realities.



Your dent in your life doesn’t have to become your identity. Your test can become a great testimony. Your mess can become your greatest message. All this (and more) is exactly what Davey and Kristi strive to communicate daily, both through their words and through their lives. This couple understands that people traversing through painful situations and hurtful circumstances need to feel seen, heard, and understood.

Davey and Kristi hope others walking through pain will see their own bravery, and will be encouraged to find bravery themselves. Nothing is too far from hope. Nothing. God is using Davey and Kristi’s trials to carry out a message of forgiveness, hope and healing. Individuals are being saved, both in the sense of salvation, and through the hope that comes with healing from what was lost. Davey and Kristi have journeyed together through a story of tragedy and triumph, of pain and of purpose, and their hope for the future lies firmly in Christ. This couple’s trust and faith in Jesus shows their eagerness to share with the world His message of healing, of hope, and of the truth that Nothing Is Wasted.



The interwoven story of the current Blackburn family dates back to several years ago… Tragedy struck Davey and Weston in an unimaginable way when Davey lost his pregnant wife of seven years, Amanda, during a home invasion. Amanda was shot three times in their home on November 10th, 2015, passing away in the hospital just 24 hours later.

After Amanda’s passing, an urgency kindled inside Davey’s heart to intercept kids and teenagers in the inner-city Indianapolis area before they might step into a life of crime and drug-related activity. This passion was a springboard for Davey’s praying and dreaming big as he processed the pain and hurt that stemmed from Amanda’s death.



As a couple, Davey and Kristi have been called to minister to those who are hurting and broken. Their message is simple, profound, yet beautiful all the same: Nothing Is Wasted. The two have experienced firsthand what it looks like for the Lord to lead with His unconditional love.

As Davey and Kristi began dating, got engaged, and soon thereafter were married, they have each become a puzzle piece of sorts that has been beautifully put together by God and His sovereignty. Some may look in from the outside, marveling at their masterpiece of a story, but, the reality is that God’s fingerprints are so evidently implanted throughout. Is it an amazing story? Yes, but it is GOD who has written and continues to write that amazing story.


Amanda’s Celebration of Life Service

Davey and Kristi’s Wedding Video