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Episode 75 - Aubrey Sampson

When trials hit our lives, it can be hard to even believe that God is for us. How can we reconcile a good God with a life that seems bad? But even if we can believe, then what? How do we relate to a good God in the middle of painful circumstances? Aubrey Sampson found herself asking that when she found herself suffering from an autoimmune disorder, watching her young son undergo surgery and a difficult recovery, and grieving the sudden loss of a close family member. In the second part of our mini-series on lament, Aubrey shares with Davey some of the things that she writes about in her new book The Louder Song about what lament means and how it is vital to our lives today.

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Episode 74 - Molly Huffman

It’s hard enough when one challenge hits your life, but what if it’s not just one? Sometimes trials don’t come alone, and we can find ourselves walking through one difficult season after another. Every new circumstance brings new levels of pain and grief, and it can be hard to draw near to God when everything seems to be going wrong. This is exactly what Molly Huffman faced. After her mother’s death, a miscarriage, the loss of her newborn son, and a divorce, it seemed like the whole world was against her.

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Episode 25 - Andrew & Christy Bauman

Andrew and Christy Bauman were like many expectant parents. As they neared the birth of their first child, they were filled with excitement. But their joy turned to anguish as their child was stillborn. Now, six years later, the Baumans are channeling their pain into helping others. With two more children and a third on the way, two therapy practices, and a number of books, Andrew and Christy are a testimony that God isn't afraid of our pain, and of the hope and healing that can come out of our laments.

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