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Episode 74 - Molly Huffman

It’s hard enough when one challenge hits your life, but what if it’s not just one? Sometimes trials don’t come alone, and we can find ourselves walking through one difficult season after another. Every new circumstance brings new levels of pain and grief, and it can be hard to draw near to God when everything seems to be going wrong. This is exactly what Molly Huffman faced. After her mother’s death, a miscarriage, the loss of her newborn son, and a divorce, it seemed like the whole world was against her.

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Episode 59 - Brent + Jana Seaman

Brent and Jana Seaman are a testimony of how God can redeem the messiest of stories. A few years ago, Brent had gone through a divorce and spent time in prison, and Jana was mourning the death of her husband. Neither of their lives were anything like what they would have wanted, but God wasn’t done. Now they’ve made it their mission to help people experience the same type of life change that they did, and they sit down with Davey to share the story of how they got there.

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