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Episode 70 - Julie Dodson

We often idealize marriage, but real marriage never quite looks like the ideal. We’re all imperfect humans, and putting two broken people together doesn’t magically solve everything. In her thirty years as a professional counselor, Julie Dodson has seen the challenges of marriage firsthand in the lives of many of her clients, including Davey and Kristi.

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Episode 44 - Andrew Bauman

Sometimes counseling can take on a bad rap. We often associate it with a crisis or a last resort. But in his work as a mental health counselor, Andrew has realized that we all need help. To see our lives and situations change, we need to first become whole, and that wholeness only comes through God and deep inner work.

Andrew sits down with Davey to talk about his new book, Stumbling Toward Wholeness, Andrew’s own journey towards wholeness and transformation, and what it looks like to face our brokenness honestly and begin to heal.

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Episode 25 - Andrew & Christy Bauman

Andrew and Christy Bauman were like many expectant parents. As they neared the birth of their first child, they were filled with excitement. But their joy turned to anguish as their child was stillborn. Now, six years later, the Baumans are channeling their pain into helping others. With two more children and a third on the way, two therapy practices, and a number of books, Andrew and Christy are a testimony that God isn't afraid of our pain, and of the hope and healing that can come out of our laments.

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