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Episode 67 - Leanne Lavendar

When someone has walked through a painful circumstance, none of us would blame them for having a negative outlook. Life has been hard, so it’s easy to assume that life will continue to be hard. That’s only natural, right? But LeAnne Lavender defies that. She and her husband Derek have walked through some terrible circumstances. But instead of being grim and pessimistic, LeAnne has a different approach.

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Episode 66 - Chris and Emily Norton Pt. 2

The first part of Chris and Emily Norton’s story is inspiring enough on its own, but it doesn’t stop there. They’ve walked through seasons of deep depression, they’ve become parents and foster parents, and much more. In the second part of their conversation with Davey, Chris and Emily share some more struggles they’ve walked through and how they’ve not only overcome them but turned around and used their season in life to change the lives of others.

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Episode 49 - Joni Eareckson Tada

It only takes a single moment for everything to change forever. One split-second choice can send ripples through our entire lives. For Joni Eareckson Tada, that moment came when she misjudged the depth of the water as she was about to dive into, leaving her paralyzed from shoulders down at only seventeen years old. It’s hard to imagine that kind of suffering, but Joni’s trial was only beginning. She’s faced a lifetime of disability, cancer diagnoses, chronic pain, and more, and she’s come through all of it believing that God is good no matter what circumstances she may face. Joni shares with Davey about how she’s kept her faith through unimaginable suffering, as well as the incredible ministry that God has brought out of it to change countless lives.

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