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Davey and Kristi Blackburn Wedding Film

We know many of you were unable to enjoy this day with us, so we wanted to share it with you! I know it’s been a year but we had some difficulties getting our video footage produced, but thanks to the incredible film-making and story-telling abilities of our friend, @_melbox, we were able to get something put together. I’m sure it’s at just the right time to encourage someone who watches it. Enjoy!

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Nothing is Wasted

On November 10th, 2015 our world was turned upside down . . . Let me back up. You could say we were living the dream. Sure we had our tough times and difficult seasons but we were chasing our dreams and loving every second of it. Four years ago Jesus called my wife, Amanda, and me to leave what we considered to be the best church in the world in the best city in the world, move to a city where we hardly new a soul, and start a church that would see a city come to life with the Gospel of Jesus.

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