Nothing is Wasted Story #3

We’ve received countless stories of how Amanda’s story has changed people’s lives. I love to hear these because they remind me that NOTHING IS WASTED. I wanted you to see some of these stories too. This one is from Anna.

Months before the tragedy, I had really been struggling walking with Jesus. I was doing life for myself. Life did not center on God or reflect Him in any way. I was frustrated with people I worked with, my family, my students. I wanted to love people so they'd love me back and to be remembered and wanted at my church.

Then, the day of the tragedy, I was scrolling through social media and so many of my friends were posting about praying for Amanda. I began praying for her and keeping up with the updates, even though I had never met her or known who she was. My heart broke when I heard she had died. I found out that she was one of my sister-in-law's good friends and the impact she had on her.

When the celebration service aired, I had to go lead in youth group that afternoon. So, the next morning I watched it on my phone. Tears streamed down my face the whole service. When her family and friends started talking about her about how she loved Jesus more than anything, more than her family and Davey, how she listened and asked questions to people, how she wasn't about her agenda or plans, or even about herself at all, it hit me.

There's no joy in making life about me. I want to be like Amanda. I want to seek Jesus the way she did. I want to love people, care for them, die to myself like her. I want to be sold out for Jesus, make him known, become less, listen, look for Jesus in everything, love people expecting nothing in return.

Change in me has not happened overnight, but it's been the constant, consistent running after Jesus. I want Him. I want to become like Him, even though that process is long and painful. It's amazing to think that the person who pushed me closer to Jesus was someone who I never even met. Amanda was that person. I'm so excited to meet her in heaven soon and thank her for setting an example of loving Jesus for me to follow and worship our King together. So thankful that home is yet to come.

If you have a story of how Amanda’s story has changed your life please share it with us.