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Here is some information about the Nothing is Wasted Retreat. This idea came from ... blah blah yada yada yada blah blah I just want to see what this will look like. Link to blog post. 

The retreat will be 4 structured days of creating opportunities for you to breathe, heal, and find rest - in Indianapolis, IN. Included in the retreat is one one one time with trained counselors, opportunities for group discussion, physical activities, mental and creative activities, and  fun group activities. As well as some group discussions with Davey where we'll tackle subjects like grief, trauma, and how to overcome them. There are only 16 spots available for the Retreat, so sign up soon! 


Thursday February 22 - Sunday February 25

You'll need to make plans to be in Indianapolis by Wednesday night, February 21 and to travel home the afternoon of Sunday February 25. 


This weekend is for anyone. Truly. Anyone. 

Whether you're currently walking through trial, pain, trauma - or you've walked through that season in the past - or you've yet to walk through it. 

Whether you're in ministry or not in ministry.

Whether you know Jesus or you couldn't care less.

Wherever you are - we want to meet you there and help you find purpose in the trials God has stewarded you.


The Cost:

  • Private Room: $1600
  • Shared Room: $1300 

What's included in the cost?:

  • All meals from Thursday breakfast - Sunday lunch 
  • Transportation to and from all activities/events
  • Lodging 
  • Counseling and all other activities

What other costs am I responsible for:

  • Travel Costs to and from Indianapolis, IN