Episode 78 - Mental Health Series - Casey Pruet and Natalie Franks

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For a lot of people, mental health just isn’t something you talk about. Unfortunately, that goes double for the church. So when Natalie Franks went through a mental health crisis in college, it seemed like she had no one to share it with. She finally opened up to her friend and roommate, Casey Pruet, but the weight of another person’s health is too much carry alone. Soon both Casey and Natalie were in a bad place. Casey and Natalie sit down with Davey to share how they found help, got healthy, and went on to help others do the same in the conclusion of our mental health series.

My hope for the generations to come is that they do have the preventive measures in place so that they don’t need the support eventually so that they do know how to take care of themselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically.
— Casey Pruet and Natalie Franks

That’s why we talk about how it’s so important to have a team of people around you because there isn’t one person who is going to be able to save you. God has given us some incredible resources and I think it’s silly to not use them.
— Casey Pruet and Natalie Franks