Episode 77 - Mental Health Series - Kayla Stoecklein


Kayla Stoecklein’s husband Andrew was a great man of God. As a pastor of a thriving church, he stood on stage and delivered hope to thousands. But under the surface, he faced a terrible battle. After a years-long battle with depression, Andrew died by suicide in August of 2018. Despite unimaginable pain, Kayla has made it her mission to keep as many people as possible from experiencing what she’s walked through. In the second part of our mental health series, Kayla joins Davey to share what she’s learned about grief, mental health, and more.


We should treat people that are walking through mental illness the same way we treat people who are walking through any other kind of illness.
— Kayla Stoecklein

Below are some resources for helping loved ones who are struggling with suicidal ideation:

Free Confidential Suicide Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255