Episode 69 - Sandy Morris

The trials we each walk through come in all shapes and sizes. For some of us, our struggles are temporary and we can look forward to the day we’ll put them fully behind us. For others, our lives may change in an instant, and we may spend the rest of our lives healing from one moment. But what do you do when your trial is ongoing? What if you know it’s only going to get worse, and there isn’t an end in sight? Sandy Morris stepped into that kind of trial when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers at only 46 years old. Sandy sits down with Davey to talk about what “long-suffering” looks like and how she’s learned to suffer well through it.


On this crazy journey, there’s some amazing things happening. I have to be intentional to see them and appreciate them, but there’s some cool things that God is doing.
— Sandy Morris

Davey BlackburnComment