Episode 64 - Maria Hatch-Bowersock

It only takes an instant for our lives to change forever. For Maria Hatch-Bowersock, that instant came in the form of a phone call. The voice on the other end told her that the plane carrying her parents and brother had crashed. Her mother and father were both dead, and her brother had little chance of making it. Maria shares her story with Davey and talks about how she learned to see God’s goodness even when things are far from good.

“This can be bad and God can still be good. It’s not either/or.”
— Maria Hatch-Bowersock

If everything in our lives we knew to be good was gone, would we still say God is good? What if his goodness is grounded in something more than our experiences? What if that goodness actually runs so deep that it can never be erased from our souls…the very place we need to believe it most? Maybe God's goodness isn't about a set of events after all. Maybe his goodness is how he takes every event and molds us and changes us into something beautiful- even when the very thing we’ve experienced is anything but. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably heard a part of Maria’s story. News articles and T.V. screens nationwide were plastered with, “Plane from Indiana crashes in Michigan, two killed.” In Oh, Goodness, Maria will take you with her as she reflects back on discovering the true goodness of God in a way that is authentic, honest, and raw.