Episodes 50 & 51 - Mollie Thorsen

Family relationships have always been incredibly important to Mollie Thorsen. She works full-time helping run a family business with her dad, and her siblings were her best friends. None of us is ever ready to lose someone close to us, and when a sudden illness took the life of Mollie’s sister, she was devastated. But Mollie knows that the pain she feels won’t have the final word. In this episode, she sits down with Davey to talk about healing alongside her family, how God worked to prepare her to walk through this trial, and how her pain is propelling her to a greater purpose.

Most of us probably think of slavery as a thing of the past, but that isn’t the case. Millions of people around the world are in slavery right now. Mollie Thorsen has made it her mission to help change that. Kristi joins Davey and Mollie in this bonus episode to talk about the realities of human trafficking in the world today and how we can get involved to help fight it.

I’m not treating this as ‘I never get to see my sister again.’ It’s ‘I can’t wait to see my sister again.
— Mollie Thorsen

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