Episode 46 - Jen Wise

The world puts a lot of pressure on us. Most of us spend all our days striving to be “perfect” or to be “enough.” But this never-ending toil is draining, and it never leaves us where we think we should be. In her new book The Bright Life, author and Bible teacher Jen Wise looks at how we can overcome this pressure and experience renewed, energetic, and full lives. Jen sits down with Davey to talk about the book and how we can live from a refreshed place and spread that refreshment to the people around us. 

Writer and Bible teacher Jen Wise knew that holistic faith-that reaches into every facet of life-is what brings grace and renewal. But she didn’t begin to live this truth until her world fractured. So as she searched Scripture for a better way, she discovered Jesus’ invitation for just that: small steps able to lead us into a bright new beginning.


When we learn to be more comfortable with who we are and learn to really rest in God’s love and the value that he’s given us that’s when we suddenly have a lot less things that we feel like we have to keep up with
— Jen Wise

So to the woman who feels her all is never enough, The Bright Life is your invitation to a new start. You were created to be healthy, strong, vibrant, and to rest in the unforced rhythms of grace Jesus so lovingly makes available to us all. Come along and learn how to avoid habits that seem smart but are deceptively self-sabotaging, pick up habits of wholeness that actually stick, and try surprising ways to practice kindness toward yourself and generosity toward loved ones.

The Bright Life extends a daily invitation with striking insights, tips to reclaim your energy, and a three-part practice of looking inward, upward, and outward as you step into a brighter way. This 40-day reset weaves story and Scripture together to cultivate a peaceful place where, through the attentive love of Jesus, you can experience the unforced rhythms of grace.