Episode 45 - Grant Skeldon


Our culture has a lot to say about millennials. It calls them lazy, entitled, noncomittal, and so on. In response, Grant Skeldon founded the Initiative Network to train millennials to replace culture's narrative with one of a generation impacting their communities, their cities, and the world for Christ. His new book The Passion Generationseeks to bridge that gap even further.

Grant joins Davey to talk about how millennials, parents of millennials, and anyone else can be a part of seeing a generation become agents of change and healing in the world.


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Millennials have disrupted almost every major industry. Whether you’re a parent trying to raise them, a pastor trying to reach them, or an employer trying to retain them, they’re disruptive. As the largest living generation, millennials are one of the most studied but misunderstood groups of our day. And the chasm between the generations is only getting wider.

The Passion Generation looks beyond the research to reveal the root issue: it’s not a millennial problem, it’s a discipleship problem. Our culture is feeling the result of a mentor-less, fatherless generation. But how do you disciple young people when you struggle to connect with them?

With wit, compassion, and stories drawn from years of working to bridge generational divides, Skeldon offers methods that will help you understand not just what millennials are doing but why they’re doing it and how we all can move toward healthy community.

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Click here to find out more about Grant’s Initiative Network

Click here to find out more about Grant’s Initiative Network

“I define discipleship as ‘frequently following someone who is spiritually a step ahead of you.’”

— Grant Skeldon

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