Episode 44 - Andrew Bauman


Andrew Bauman

Sometimes counseling can take on a bad rap. We often associate it with a crisis or a last resort. But in his work as a mental health counselor, Andrew has realized that we all need help. To see our lives and situations change, we need to first become whole, and that wholeness only comes through God and deep inner work.

Andrew sits down with Davey to talk about his new book, Stumbling Toward Wholeness, Andrew’s own journey towards wholeness and transformation, and what it looks like to face our brokenness honestly and begin to heal.


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We desire to be transformed, to grow more and more like Christ. But for many of us, our strategies for change don’t work. We misperceive God as a judgmental Father, leaving us demoralized and paralyzed by shame. Stumbling toward Wholeness offers a new strategy for spiritual growth and life transformation: regularly returning to the arms of a kind and loving Father.

There are many books that explore the parable of the Prodigal Son, but few approach it with the personal vulnerability and psychological insight of Andrew Bauman. Andrew shows how taking the time to identify with each of the brothers in this story can help us come to terms with our own brokenness and the need for God revealed in it. We discover a process of change that applies to each of us and a healing journey that moves us toward the likeness of the Father in how we love the people around us and address the pain others have caused us



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