Episode 33 - Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson is no stranger to racial tension. From four years playing in the NFL to founding and pastoring The Rock Church in San Diego, Miles has seen people of all different races living and working together. He’s seen the beauty that can come from diversity, and he’s also seen how even the best of intentions are not enough to keep the biases we all have from hurting each other. Miles sits down with Davey to talk about his latest book, “The Third Option” and the steps we can take in our own lives to move towards reconciliation.

Check out his latest book releasing September 11:  https://amzn.to/2M6dyGs


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Miles McPherson has had enough of shying away from a major problem in America today: racial tension. It’s a topic that's widely recognized, yet rarely acknowledged. Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America today, and our preference for clinging to those who are like us leads to big problems in our country as a whole. Even Christians—who, if they claim to follow God, should be the people most outspoken against racism—fall short, and many of us feel obliged to choose sides. Us vs. them. Cops vs. protestors. Blacks vs. whites.

The Third Option is a plea on behalf of a brokenhearted God who, Scripture teaches, is frustrated with those of us who claim to believe in Him but are really “faking the faith.” McPherson argues that we must rise above the issues that divide us and be part of something bigger. The Third Option challenges both believers and seekers to fully embrace God’s goodness and power.