Episode 24 - Anthony ONeal


Anthony ONeal spends his days helping young people learn how to handle their finances. He knows how, because he learned the hard way. Despite great parents and plenty of opportunities, a series of poor choices left Anthony homeless and living out of his car before he turned 20. Tens of thousands of dollars in debt loomed over him, and his situation seemed hopeless.

Today, Anthony's situation looks nothing like that. He found hope in a personal relationship with Jesus, and climbed out of rock bottom into abundance. Now Anthony works for Ramsey Solutions, helping thousands of young people avoid his mistakes. He's written a best-selling book and appeared on numerous TV shows. Anthony makes sure his rock bottom isn't wasted by using his pain to teach countless others how to avoid it in their own lives and how to handle it if they fail.


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“You are going to stay in the dark - until you can come into the light ...

until your willing to accept your issues, your mistakes ... until you’re willing to take ownership of your decisions, because you can not do that where I’m taking you.”

— Anthony ONeal

“How you treat this will determine what I give you next”

— Anthony ONeal


Three Resources for College Students:

1. MyScholly.com

2. Raise.me

3. The Ultimate Scholarship Book - 2018