Episode 23 - Daniel & Brittany Brooker pt. 2


When Daniel Brooker married his high school sweetheart, there was no way he could have imagined what was in store for his life. She was diagnosed with cancer at 19, and a few years later she passed away, leaving Daniel a single father two children.

While Daniel was grieving the loss of his wife, a total stranger to him was about to walk into the same season. Brittany's husband and the father of her three kids walked out the door on a day like any other. A few hours later she got a call that he had collapsed at work. By the time she made it to the hospital, he was gone.

Daniel and Brittany found each other in the midst of their pain, and before long their two families became one. They sat down with Davey and Kristi for a conversation on loss, remarriage, blending families, and more.


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“If I spend all my time thinking about the ‘what ifs’ I’m going to miss the ‘what now’”

— Brittany Brooker