Episode 21 - Jake Baird


Have you ever wondered if you would have the faith to walk through unexpected tragedy? How could you possibly stand in the face of heartache and loss and say that God is good?

Jake Baird, an associate pastor at iTown Church in Indianapolis, is no stranger to tragedy. Jake and Davey talk about what it's like to walk through difficult seasons, loss, and what it takes to stay faithful to God even in the midst of unthinkable pain. Jake shares his story authentically and with the hope of helping other people learn to truly heal and find purpose in their own pain.


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“When people experience great pain, people typically do one of two things ...

1. Never learn to get passed their pain - so they spend their whole life in their pain.

2. Find something bigger than their pain to live for.”

— Jake Baird


“You can pick your decisions but you cannot pick your consequences”

— Jake Baird