Episode 19 - Brian Cromer


Brian is the Lead Pastor of Queen City Church, a church plant located in Cincinatti, OH. He recently moved his family to a brand new city to follow God's calling to build a church and reach all people and teach them to have a relationship with God that gets better and better.

In this episode Brian and Davey talk about the challenges of building church - parachuting into unknown territory with the gospel, parenting in the midst of ministry and battling storms of parenting a child with special needs.

Brian and his family are determined to remain rooted in Jesus even through the ups and downs of planting a church, spreading the Gospel, raising kids, and loving people far from God. Brian's story and his faith will challenge AND encourage you to plant yourself firmly on the rock so that when the storms come ... you're still left standing.


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“This is a storm ... but I am choosing ... myself ... I’m choosing to make sure I’m building my house on the rock. I know whatever storms may come ... our house is going to stand.”

— Brian Cromer


“If you don’t quit ... you win”

— Brian Cromer

“JESUS is the rock ... every.thing.else. is SAND.”

— Brian Cromer