Episode 26 - Happy Birthday Nothing is Wasted Podcast!

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Today officially marks one year of the Nothing Is Wasted Podcast! Thank you so much to everyone who's listened, shared, or given to make this happen! To celebrate, Davey is launching a brand new eBook called Thriving in Trial. Special guest host Zach Woolever sits down with Davey to break down some of the ideas in the book.

Thriving in Trial

A Nothing is Wasted Guidebook

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A Nothing is Wasted Guidebook

by Davey Blackburn

After over two long years of healing from losing his wife and now over a year of interviewing with other folks on The Nothing is Wasted Podcast who have walked perilous roads, Davey has discovered several common denominators in the people who seem to heal well from trial. This eBook is a comprehensive guidebook to not just surviving trials and valleys in life, but thriving in them.

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