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Do you struggle with feeling stuck in your tragedy, trial, or transition?

  • Have you experienced some kind of loss? Loss of a spouse, child, dream,

  • Is it tough to get out of bed most mornings?

  • Have you been battling with feelings of depression or anxiety?

  • Does it seem your faith is faltering and God is a million miles away?

  • Do you wonder if you’ll always feel this way?

  • Does life seem too overwhelming to know the steps forward?

We’d love to help

We know how easy it is to feel stuck in your trial and not know the way through it. There is hope. You can get to the other side of this. But the only way is through it. We’d love to be your guide and connect you to others on a similar journey as yours.


Getting and staying inspired is key to waking up everyday and facing your trial head-on.. We offer all kinds of free and practical content to help you stay inspired as you live, learn and lead through pain. Listen to the Nothing is Wasted podcast, read our blog, download Davey's free ebook (Thriving in Trial) and read stories of hope in the midst of difficult circumstances.


No two trials look the same. That’s what can make navigating your valley so difficult. In our 11-video online course Davey Blackburn breaks down the 10 waypoints you must work through and walk through in order to both come through your valley and properly prepare for your next one. People often say there's no manual for what you're going through -- well this is the closest thing to one. For $99 get lifetime access to the "Pain to Purpose" Online Course and get the practical direction you need as you chart the course through your valley.


Two tools we strongly believe you need in order to navigate your valley and come through the other side are a Counselor and a Coach. Think of a counselor as the one who does the deep tissue work of the soul with you. These are certified professionals we recommend who can dig in deep with you and help you find healing. Want to make sure you're doing what we teach you in our online course properly? NIW Guides (or Coaches) work with you to create a plan and help you stick to that plan as you get back in the game and overcome your valley.


Not sure what step you’re ready for? Shoot us a message and we’ll help you figure it out!